Helmet Helpers

We at Helmet Helpers want to make the best functionality, quality, and fun covers/decals for your motorcycle and horse helmets.

All of our “Helmet Helpers” fit all ADOT and ASTM helmets. We want to make sure that your helmet fits you properly and protects you head. After that is taken care of leave it to us to customize you helmet to fit your personality. No matter what it is we can make it fit for you.

If you like the camo look or blue flames or pastels and bows we can have it made to fit your style. If you like it in a traditional look we can do that also. All of our covers are water resistant and we have a lot of styles in stock just for you but if you need something custom we can get it for you with or without a hard peak or visor.

Helmet Helpers was made by the women of New England for just horses but soon we got request to make them for motorcycle riders. We also make fleece helmet pieces for both motorcycle and horse riders to make all those who ride comfortable in the cold.

Helmet helpers is based here in the U.S. and all of the items that are used are made here in the U.S.A. We manufacture our sale items here in New England by hand. So we guarantee a wonderful product that will hold up with time and will give you many years of use for your enjoyment.